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Τρίτη, 30 Οκτωβρίου 2012

European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece - Italy 2007-2013”

The European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Italy 2007-2013” continued its activities during the first half of 2012, without encountering any problems. Its main activities are described below:

3rd Call for Proposals

In the framework of the European Territorial Coperation Programme “Greece – Italy 2007-2013”, co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund, there is an open Call for Proposals (the 3rd one), with the total budget of 20,000,000 € (of which 15,000,000 € ERDF). The Call is open up to 22nd June 2012.
The Programme “Greece – Italy 2007-2013” focuses on strengthening competitiveness and innovation, developing the accessibility to sustainable networks and services, and improving the quality of life, protection of the environment and enhancement of social and cultural cohesion.
Specific Objectives
The present call for proposals is open to all 3 Programme Priorities and the respective seven (7) Specific Objectives:
  1. Strengthening interaction between research/innovation institutions, SMEs and public authorities
  2. Promoting cross-border advanced new technologies
  3. Enhancement of the cross-border integrated and sustainable connections
  4. Improvement of transport, information and communication networks and services
  5. Promotion of cultural and natural heritage
  6. Valorisation & improvement of joint protection, management of natural resources, natural and technological risks’ prevention
  7. Protection of health and promotion of social integration
Eligible Partnerships
Project proposals include partners from both countries participating in the Operational Programme such as a) national, regional or local public authorities, b) bodies governed by public law, c) private organisations and non profit organisations (It should be noted that private companies not falling under the above categories b. and c. are not eligible). The total number of partners must not exceed six (6), including the Lead Partner. This call for proposals is only addressed to beneficiaries’ categories a, b, and c mentioned above as defined in the Project Manual.
Applicants, before submitting any project proposal, are invited to consult the documents of the Call as well as the Operational Programme approved by the European Commission on 28 March 2008, Regulation (EC) 1083/2006 as in force, Regulation (EC) 1080/2006 as in force and Regulation (EC) 1828/2006 as in force. These documents are available on the Managing Authority’s website, as well as on
How to apply - deadline
In order to submit a project proposal, Applicants must refer to the Applicant’s Package and to all relevant documents for this call for proposals. Project Proposals should be submitted according to the guidelines provided in the Project Manual. The Project Proposal must be submitted to the Programme’s Joint Technical Secretariat ETCP “GREECE-ITALY 2007-2013”, 65, Georgikis Scholis Avenue - 57001 Pilea, Thessaloniki, Greece, Tel.: +30 2310 469600.
The project proposals submission period is from 05/03/2012 to 22/06/2012.

Preparation of the Call for Proposals Strategic Projects

For the programming period 2007-2013, specific themes are identified by the Monitoring Committee as being particularly important for all regions of the European Territorial Coperation Programme “Greece – Italy 2007-2013”. Corresponding to these topics, the Monitoring committee launches targeted call for proposal aiming to elaborate “Strategic projects”. Strategic projects shall have a horizontal approach and should pay particular attention to the following issues:
  • Coherence with European, national and regional policies
  • Impact on the cooperation area
  • Strong and coherent partnerships
  • Sustainability of results

Detailed catalogue of the approved Projects 

The catalogue of the approved Projects was published in February. This beautifully designed catalogue contains all the details of the approved Projects of the 1st Call.
The future highlight actions programmed until the end of September are as follows:
  • Completion of the first and second stages of the assessment of the Project proposals submitted within the framework of the 3rd Call for Proposals.
  • Monitoring Committee meeting that will cover issues pertaining to the proper operation of the Programme
  • Launching of the Call for Proposals for Strategic Projects
  • Participation in the European Cooperation Day on September 21st. The European Cooperation Day will take place in order to promote the idea of European Territorial Cooperation Day, an event that will take place all across the cross border areas in the European Union.

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